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December 6

Southeast Asia Tezos Company and Department of Information Technology, University of Technology – Vietnam National University, Hanoi organizes Chain Technology course block (blockchain)

On May 29, 2019 Faculty of IT, University of Technology, VNU signed a cooperation agreement with Tezos Southeast Asia Company (“TSA”). Accordingly, the two sides agreed to deploy a course to promote the potential of blockchain technology in general and Tezos’ blockchain chain platform in particular. This partnership with UET-FIT is in line with TSA’s goals to support the development of the blockchain ecosystem in the region through equipping students with enough foundation knowledge to be able to deploy applications. and start a business to harness the potential of this technology into real projects.

The course will equip students with the basic knowledge of blockchain technology and specifically about Tezos blockchain technology. By completing this course, students will gain the skills needed to develop general and special blockchain applications on the Tezos blockchain. After the course, groups of students can get scholarships and internships at startups supported by tzVentures ( https: // ) – Tezos incubation program for startup groups to grow their business on Tezos blockchain technology.

Over the years, Vietnam has witnessed rapid economic growth and development, making great progress in various fields. An example is the food industry, which has contributed greatly to Vietnam’s economic growth. However, this is also an industry susceptible to instability. The potential of applying blockchain technology to modernize traditional methods in the food industry is unlimited and TSA and UET-FIT hope to inspire locally adapted innovative applications to bridging the gap between traditional fields and new technologies.

TSA also hopes to replicate the success of its academic initiatives with Chulalongkorn University in Thailand as part of this UET-FIT collaboration. In addition to the training sessions for students, the two sides will organize professional exchanges between lecturers and fellows with the Tezos community.

In addition, groups of students with potential project ideas have the opportunity to receive technical and financial support for implementation. This partnership aims to promote the potentials and ideas of students and the startup community in Vietnam while contributing to the development of the local blockchain ecosystem with the aim of bringing economic impacts and Social development is sustainable and meaningful.

“At the Faculty of Information Technology, our University of Technology, many students actively explore and learn new technologies. The course will provide an opportunity for students to learn about block chain technology in general and the unique features of the Tezos block chain platform directly from experts in the field. Students’ ability to support project ideas can be a potential area of ​​cooperation, ”Assoc. Truong Anh Hoang shared.

The first phase of the course will be held from July 8 to 12, 2019. Students who demonstrate their energy and enthusiasm in the first class of the training course will receive phase 2 training in Q4 2019. Students who successfully complete this course can use the results to study a number of modern issues in IT at the department.

The course is not limited to students of the University of Technology but is open to students of other universities and working people. Detailed class schedule is here and register your course and contact information Students and interested people can register here .


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