December 6

1. DevOps Engineer:

⁃ Apply cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) computing skills to deploy upgrades and fixes
⁃ Design, develop, and implement software integrations based on user feedback
⁃ Implement automation tools and frameworks (CI / CD pipelines).
Imize Optimize the company’s computing architecture
⁃ Develop and maintain design and troubleshooting documentation
2. Cloud Solution Architect Engineer:
Act Interact with management levels at a client and / or within Accenture
⁃ Design and Implement AWS / GCP architectures and environments
⁃ Design Native Cloud Application Architectures or optimize applications on AWS / GCP
⁃ Contribute or author blogs, presentation on AWS technical and strategic topics
3. System Engineer:
⁃ Design and maintain policies, procedures, processes and checklist for monitoring, backing up system.
⁃ Monitor and maintain alive services and servers
⁃ Support development team to troubleshot and resolve system problems

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